Bumbling Along (song with pictures)

Steve Espinola’s Optigan-driven song “Bumbling Along” has appeared in the work of at least three different artists.

First, it inspired this photo essay by Melanie Einzig:

Bumbling Along (Steve Espinola/Melanie Einzig) from Paleophone on Vimeo.

Photos by Melanie Einzig, “taken with Steve Espinola’s song ‘Bumbling Along’ in mind.”

“Bumbling Along” — written and recorded by Steve Espinola
Steve: vocals, piano, Optigan (band samples)
Tom Warnick: guitar

“Bumbling Along” — Song and Recording Copyright 2004 by Steve Espinola. All Rights Reserved.
Images Copyright 2005 by Melanie Einzig. All Rights Reserved.


Next, it was featured in the soundtrack and trailer to Vicente Rodriguez Ortega’s celebrated documentary “Freddy’s,” (which premiered at the 2010 Brooklyn Film Festival) about the quirky Brooklyn bar that served as the center of resistance to the notorious Atlantic Yards’ project:

In October 2012, JH Sounds created this speedy remix, with accompanying video: