A Talk: Picnic Plate Records! Wire Recorders! (“Hobby” series)

An extemporaneous talk, as unscientific as possible, explaining the miracle of recording, using a plastic picnic plate as a medium. Steve will come to your classroom and give a highly entertaining hour-long lecture on the history of recording technologies.

HOBBY is a monthly gathering at Harvest HQ where three fine citizens are invited to talk about their hobbies. www.getharvest.com/hobby

HOBBY: Steve Espinola, Vintage Recording Technologies from Harvest on Vimeo.
Steve Espinola is a songwriter, pianist, melodic shortwave radio virtuoso and inventor of the 19-string “Grand Slam” Electric Tennis Racket (it’s true!). He is obsessed with vintage recording technologies — he shows us how he makes records out of picnic plates, and shares his found recordings stored on wire.