Dead Media Revitalization

edison record

Paleophone offers dubbing and Dead Media revitalization services:

  • Transcription discs:  We can transfer radio transcription discs of diameters up to 16 inches, at all standard speeds.
  • Home cut discs:  Do you have fragile cardboard family records from the 1940s? We can preserve their contents.
  • Wire Recorders:  We have two functioning Webster Chicago wire recorders from the 1948-1952 period.  Preserve the family recordings found on those strange spools of steel fishing line.
  • ADATS.  Paleophone can do  digital transfers of old 8-track ADAT VHS tapes.
  • mini DV videotapes.
  • DAT tapes.
  • open reel tapes 4-track and stereo
  • cassettes

Call for per-project prices and estimates.

Photo by Kyria Abrahams.