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UPDATE as of early 2016: Steve is taking a break from offering artisanal record cutting, while upgrading his system. Check out the banner ads at for others who offer similar services.

RUSHED UPDATE: In October of 2013, Steve and mastering engineer Leandro Gonzalez dragged Paleophone’s Presto 6N record cutting rig to the Edison Museum of West Orange, NJ. There, they recorded the Kronos Quartet at 78 rpm for a Red Hot Organization album and phone app. The results were gorgeous. Details to follow!

Paleophone Productions is pleased to offer a fantastic and unique service:

Boutique Artisanal Record Cutting.

Remember how you used to make awesome mix tapes for your sweetie? Well, sweetie grew up and became a vinyl-fetishizing hipster. So present her/him with a one-of-a-kind individually lathe-cut LP, to show you care and even find this adorable. Include little bits where you whisper their name, sing off-key, dub in their fave sound bites from Breaking Bad or whatever.

Our current primary rig is a Presto 6N, a classic vintage mono record lathe of the 1940s, with matching, optimized Presto 92A tube amplifier. The 6N is well-known as the 1950s lathe of Sam Phillips’ Sun Records, home of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins,among many other greats. The cuts are warm-sounding and have a pleasant, full-audible frequency response.

Update, June 2013:  We have made arrangements to cut, as well, on a Scully lathe with a gorgeous-sounding stereo Westrex head, at slightly higher rates.

Acetate of Sprinkle Genies' album "Looking At The Stars", cut on Presto 6N.

Acetate of Sprinkle Genies’ album “Looking At The Stars”, cut on Presto 6N.

We are not yet offering record mastering services (that is, we do not cut acetates intended for mass production). We can direct you to others who specialize in those services.  We do, however, offer the…


A unique and gorgeous gift. You supply the pre-cleared music*, along with any personally-recorded messages. We will give you a one-of-a-kind beautiful package:

  • High Fidelity mono tube acetate LP of up to 42 minutes (30 minutes recommended for higher fidelity.)
  • Full color laser-printed labels featuring artwork of your choice. (We’ll supply you with templates).

We will also do small runs of mono acetate lathe-cut records at 33, 45, or 78 RPM. 12” albums or 7″ singles.  Experience shows that our singles play great in 1950s Seeburg jukeboxes.

Puzzle records (aka “horse race,” “roulette” or “multi-sided” records), featuring up to 6 parallel grooves per side, are available as well.  Stereo cuts are available from time to time.

*NOTE: Standard copyright restrictions apply.

Call for pricing.  347-374-0428

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