by kyria abrahamsSteve Espinola will service your Wurlitzer Electric Piano and restore it to full functionality. He makes house calls (and stage calls) in the greater New York City area. He has 23 years of experience playing and repairing them.

He will tune, voice, and/or replace the faulty reeds in your Wurlitzer Electric Piano. He will also regulate the action so it plays smoothly, and generally restore it to health and a dynamic, expressive musicality. He works on all models, 1954 to 1983, from the earliest 110s to the late 200A series.

Call Steve and get a quote on getting your Wurlitzer Electric Piano up to speed: 347-374-0428. You can also email him at SteveEspinola@gmail.com, though phone is preferred.

More detail on the services provided can be found here.

See Steve’s unprecedented online list of every model of Wurlitzer Electronic Piano ever produced, 1954-1983.

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Please note: A Wurlitzer Electronic Piano is not to be confused with a Wurlitzer acoustic piano, A Wurlitzer player piano, A Wurlitzer organ, or a Wurlitzer coin-operated jukebox. Steve does not repair any of those.