Testimonials (Wurlitzer EP Repair)

Steve Espinola will service your Wurlitzer Electric Piano and restore it to full functionality. He makes house calls (and stage calls) in the greater New York City area. He has 23 years of experience playing and repairing them. For details, click here. Here are reports from a sampling of Steve’s satisfied customers:

Steve Espinola worked on two of my Wurlitzers (a 214 and a 145A) and he did a FANTASTIC job both times!!! My 214 has never sounded and felt so good, and besides tuning it and working on its action, Steve also replaced the amp with a new amp for me. His experience is priceless (as his list of Wurlitzers on his website proves) and the fact that that he does house calls in NYC is a HUGE bonus for me. I was impressed with the quality of Steve’s work but most of all I was impressed with his knowledge, passion and dedication. This is obiviously a person who, just like I am, is serious about their craft and cares about the final result much more than about any other mundane aspect. He’s a perfectionist and he will never do anything half-way. A true consummate professional! I would highly recommend him as the number 1 choice Wurlitzer repair person in the New York area.
-Marc Urselli, producer/engineer

In just eight hours, Steve voiced my lifeless Wurlitzer 200A into a beautiful sounding instrument, full of color. He also adjusted the action which now plays a like a dream. Plus he comes to you. I highly recommend!
-Jon Solo, musician

Steve did a great job of tuning and regulating my Wurlitzer 200 with a quick one day turnaround just before I needed to use it for a session. I highly recommend him, as he goes above and beyond and really knows the instrument inside and out. Every time I talk to him I learn something new. Great guy, great work.
-Fafu, producer

I purchased a Wurlitzer 200A on eBay and it was more or less dead on arrival. Steve came over and worked wonders on it. He was able to tackle all of the issues including stuck keys, loose wooden blocks, curled reeds, and blown fuses without any issues. For good measure, he tuned it as well. He was extremely accommodating and friendly. I highly recommend his services.
-Craig Campbell, musician

I had a short window between tours to get my 200A ready for the road. Steve responded to my call right away and was very accommodating to my schedule. He did a great job tuning, and he caught a few small problems that would have gotten worse over time. The very reasonable price I paid for his house call probably saved me the greater expense and hassle of major maintenance down the road.
-J.B. Flatt, musician

When I purchased my [1958] 120, I was thrilled to own such an important piece of the American music puzzle. The wild backstory behind my particular instrument only made it cooler, a studio trophy. But the keyboard was kinda wonky, and not optimal for recording. Wurlitzer 120’s are notoriously difficult to work on, and finicky, but I felt the instrument deserved to be the best it could be. Steve took on my project as if it were his own, going way way way above and beyond the call of duty: the time he dedicated, the details he attended to, the tenacity he brought to the arcane complexities of Wurlitzer repair. Very communicative, great at explaining everything, incredibly reasonable pricing. He literally maintains an online encyclopedia of every Wurlitzer electric piano. Steve is part of Wurlitzer history the way Wurlitzer is a part of music history. I give him my highest recommendation.
-Armand H., musician

Steve came over and did wonderful work on my 214A, replacing and tuning a note or two and re-soldering some noisy pots for me. His knowledge about and enthusiasm for the instrument made me feel in extremely good hands, and I’m relieved to know someone with such skill and professionalism is available next time it needs work.
-James Shipp, musician

Steve Espinola is a rarity and a blessing. When I was unable to find someone willing (yes, willing, because everyone else seemed to be afraid to work on these beasts) and capable, Steve stepped right up, jumped right in, and is perhaps more knowledgeable than the person who designed my Wurli. He’s accommodating and fair in price, as well as a glorious mad scientist that was eager to not only fix what I thought was my unfixable 203W, but did it with the quickest turnaround I’ve ever experienced. Thank you, Steve, for bringing my Wurli back from the grave!
-Aaron Palmadessa, working musician, studio owner