Cereal Box records: The Archies (Honey-Comb)

In perhaps the most dramatic episode of my mother spoiling me as a child, she bought, all at once, the four different huge boxes of Honeycomb cereal featuring Archies’ records on the back. I still have the cut-out records. How did this happen? I’m guessing I had a royal tantrum at Star Market or Purity Supreme. Anyway, I loved them, I still remember the event fondly, and I still have every note memorized, so in terms of karmic returns it turned out to be a good move. My copy of “Jingle Jangle” does not sound nearly this good, due to endless playing on a Fisher Price record player, and I am therefore suspicious of this video clip.

Cereal box song #2: “You Know I Love You.” Really nice guitar solo and backing vocals on this one.

Archie’s Party:

And the fourth one was “Nursery Rhyme.”

Promo advert for the prior run of records:


Some cursory research puts this event at 1970. I was 3 years old. Thanks mom!

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