Bad Elevator signage, Times Square Station, NYC

Here’s the unhelpful signage of an elevator (el232) in the 42nd street Times Square station. Do YOU know which train you can get to on each level? And if not, how many years in New York earns you this knowledge?

elevator signage

I posted this on my Facebook page. Several lifelong New Yorkers tried and failed to guess this correctly. Here, by memory, subject to correction next time I am there, is the answer.

“Upper Mezz” (= Mezzanine) opens onto a ramp, which may bring you directly to the S Shuttle. It is also the level you need to get towards the QNR platform, where you can take another elevator if need be.

“7th ave platform” brings you directly to the 1,2,3 platform.

“Lower Mezz” empties onto a ramp that winds its way west over to the ACE, though you have to take a square/spiral ramp down to get onto the platform.

“Flushing Platform” means the 7 train, and this particular elevator goes directly to that platform.

My friend Jim Flynn says: “They purposely make it cryptic to prevent elevator overload.” But the actual effect, from my experience and observations, is that it pisses off and pisses on the people who need it the most.

I’ve complained about this for years to the MTA, with no response or effect. Get on the ball, MTA!!

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